EQO (space for interactive culture) is an apolitical independent space for contemporary art. The format of the white-cube gallery in a delocalized peripheral environment presents current forms of visual art, performance, music, theoretical discussions and educational events. In contrast to the urban tradition of its origin, here are artists and performers in the context of the countryside, greenery and slowness in a dynamic world. The emphasis is constant - always the highest quality, originality, concentration, freedom and inventiveness.

Our goal is to create a dialogue between individual genres and expressions and make them accessible to the general public. Support original projects and various interdisciplinary and experimental projects. Create community platforms, provide space for interactive, pedagogical and educational projects and lectures. Organize guest performances with the aim of positive confrontation and improvement of the level of the domestic community. Present domestic products directly related to the context of the space and the home organization.

The space supports cultural, interactive and educational initiatives in an effort to develop individual dramaturgical concepts across genres. The program welcomes the implementation and presentation of site-specific projects theming the local and historical context of the home location, urban mapping of local and guest performers.

The projects covered by the space are focused on current artistic, cultural, educational and social platforms with a critical overlap - they reflect the issues of cultural industry, issues of artistic and utilitarian production, interactive teaching process as well as socio-economic and cultural-historical topics in local and wider context.

SARAHS SK, n.o. is the administrator of EQO - a platform for experimental presentations of the current state of the art, interdisciplinary events, local research and education. So far (2017 - 2020) we have implemented more than 70 events - exhibitions, theater, music performances, community and educational projects and professional colloquia and discussions. A total of dozens of personalities participated - visual artists, performers, lecturers, graphic artists, teachers, theorists, community workers and organizers. The process took place not only inside the EQO space, but also externally. Partnerships with the Spiš Artists' Gallery in Spišská Nová Ves, STROJ organization in Košice and British Council Slovakia were significant. The qualities are documented by references and reviews of domestic and international portals and media (Artalk, Flash Art CZ&SK, Easttopics, BLOK Magazine, Fotograf Magazine, Balkon Magazine). In 2019, Michal Machciník's author's project Neofyt was a finalist in the SK White Cube Gallery Award in the category of independent project. The press, radio and television media regularly inform about our activities. The activities of the events were financed from grants and donations from public sources by the Fund for the Support of the Arts, the Fund for the Support of the Culture of National Minorities and private sources. We also received grants from the SPP Foundation and Embraco. The course of the event is published throughout the year through the social networks of EQO (Instagram and Facebook), where there is a living community and feedback.