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Workshops 2020

Workshops led by professional lecturers, who offered the participating students of art schools and visitors an explanation of art techniques.


Pilot exhibition and theoretical project focused on the presentation of contemporary visual art by authors of minority origin who live and create in Slovakia.

Who we are

EQO (Space for interactive culture) is an apolitical independent space for contemporary art. Format of a white-cube gallery in a delocalized peripheral environment presents current forms of visual art and performance. It offers the possibility of recontextualizing current exhibitions, concerts, theoretical discussions and educational events. In contrast to the urban tradition of its origin, here are artists and performers in the context of the countryside, greenery and slowness in a dynamic world. Emphasis is constant - always the highest quality, originality, concentration, freedom and inventiveness. We want to be involved and present, living culture, interdisciplinarity, educational events, all in the congenial environment of gardens.
The founder and administrator of EQO is SARAHS SK, n.o., specializing in the creation, protection, restoration and development of cultural values, especially in the field of garden architecture and art.