Colloquium18/9/20The theoretical lecture colloquium was an accompanying event of the PRIVIATI project. It follows on from… would you like to know more?

Workshops 2020

Visual Interpretations Workshop 07 29/9/20lecturer: Jaro Švestka Plastic Commentary Workshop 01 30/9/20lecturer: Tomáš… would you like to know more?

Ẍ / I am planet

solo performancePatrik Korinok9/27/20Concert of instrumental piano music in collaboration with the Naked Man platform.The… would you like to know more?

Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the MoonKontra Theater9/13/20Fly Me to the Moon is a comedy by Irish author Marie Jones from a life about small… would you like to know more?


record of the environmental situationPeter Valiska - Timečko3/9 - 20/10/20curator: Branislav ZurkoThe time-lapse project GEO… would you like to know more?

The Search for Godot

Katarína Škamlová22/8 - 5/9/20Presentation and accompanying exhibition of the author's books by Katarína Škamlová.Supported… would you like to know more?

Peripheral concentrations of the present

Peripheral concentrations of the presenteducation EQO 20206 - 10 & 13 - 17/6/20Presentation activities in the field of… would you like to know more?


Ján Triaška - Olja Triaška Stefanović - Vlad Yurashko - Vika Shumskaya - Vladimír Ganaj Pilot exhibition and theoretical… would you like to know more?

Postinterviews VII

discussion event about communication models of social networks from the point of view of intelligent information theories,… would you like to know more?

KREO_MAT: Digital detox failure

4/3 - 15/4/2020artists: Samuel Bilý - Daenerys of house YOLO - Laura Fiľáková - Milan Hrbek - Zlobertt Chrysanthemum -… would you like to know more?

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